The Best Paid To Click

I experimented with many PTCs, and after 2 years of my research, I found out the best Paid to Click.

Here are the PTC (paid to click) sites I experimented with.

1. Incentria

2. Clicksia
3. Cash4clix
4. Ptcbox
5. Scarlettclicks
6. Probux
7. Buxp
8. Neobux
9. Cashnhits
10. Clixsense
11. Wordlinx
12. GetBuxToday
13. PHD-clix
14. PHD-bux
15. Puritybux
16. Clixword
17. Browse4Bux
18. Beruby
19. Konixa
20. Omegabux
21. Cashnhits

After working with all of them, here are the two finalists.

   NEOBUX                  VS

These two are the leading ptc networks on internet. Many of you must be member of both or at least one of them. But the question is, which one is the best?
Lets Find Out!

I will judge both of them on various basis, from site design and ease of access to number of ads and payouts.

So let us begin!

Category 1: Site Design and Ease of Use
Site design, navigation and ease of use are important factors as they help to keep user on that particular website for longer. Nobody would want to join sites with sloppy and scammy design with turtle loading speed.

So let us begin with Neobux. Green, white, blue and black. What a combination. Very good and beautiful design. it loads fast and navigation is quite easy. Easy to use and fast.

Clixsense has two major colors, blue and white. But the combination gives a professional look.  Navigation is easy and site also loads fast.

Category 2: Tasks and Offers
Its is a good thing that both sites provide extra tasks and offers to supplement the ptc earnings.

Neobux is always loaded with tasks and offers for almost all countries. You can do mini jobs to earn direct cash, or do offers for neopoints (which can be used to upgrade account and rent referrals) and neocoins (which can be converted to cash). The concept might seem good, but most people ask for direct money.

Clixsense is also loaded with tasks and offers but offers are less for tier 2 and 3 countries while tasks are always available. Also offers are very high paying with direct cash which can be used to buy advertising credits or simply can be cashed out.

Category 3: Other ways Of Earning
It is interesting to note that both of these PTCs provide a unique way of earning. It is a type of lottery and is different in both cases.

Neobux credits your account with adprize points which can then be used to view more ads and get a chance to win more money. It is not very entertaining and it is tough to get some cash out.

Clixsense has a clixgrid contest where regular members get 25 chances every day (upgraded get 50) to play the clixgrid game where you have to click on a image divided into many squares. You have to view ad for each click and you can win upto 5$.

Category 4: Affiliate Program and Referrals

Both of these site provide a referral system but in a different way.

Neobux provides various banners to get more referrals. You can also rent referrals for a month for as low as 0.6$.

Clixsense also provides banners and you also get commission when your referral upgrades, earns his first 1$ or purchase advertising credits.

Category 5: Advertisement Exposures

It all comes to this, the deciding factor. A PTC is a ptc when it provides its users ads to click. It is the deciding factor.

Neobux provides many advertisements to regular members which pay 0.001$ per click. The captcha is super easy as you have to click only on the red dot. You will get atleast one ad every time you log in during the same day, if the ads are not available  you are recommended to complete tasks and offers.

The minimum cashout limit is 1$ but it increases by 1$ each time you cash out untill it reaches 10$. You get paid by paypal, payza and neteller.

Clixsense is always flooded with ads and if ads are not available  it also redirects to tasks and offers. But unlike Neobux, where you get only 0.001$ per click as regular member, in clixsense you will easily find 2 or 3 ads with 0.01$ and 0.02$ as the payout. 

The payout limit for regular members is 8$ and for upgraded members is $6.
The payment is made through paypal, payza, liberty reserve and check (minimum- 10$ for domestic and 100$ international).


After going through all the factors and the deciding factor i.e. Exposures, I have came out with the winner.
And the winner is!

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