Hitleap Review: Easy Traffic

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Rating: 4.0/5

What is hitleap?

Hitleap is a autosurf traffic exchange where you earn hits in minutes and can allot them to your website.

What is the benefit of getting hits?

These free visitors can help you increase your alexa rankings and can make your blog a little bit popular. If you have a new website or blog and you are not getting any traffic, try hitleap and you can get 100-1000 hits easily per day. It is not recommended to use traffic exchanges and hitleap with blogs with adsense or other ads.


Hitleap comes with a unique concept. Other traffic exchanges gives you 1 visitor for every 2 visits you make while hitleap gives u time in minutes  If you surf for 100 minutes, you get almost  600 visitors (for upgraded members). You can set the time for each visit for your blog. The standard ratio for normal members is 0.5:1, it means that if you surf on hitleap, you will get 50 minutes for every 100 minutes you spend. But wait if you download their hitleap viewer and surf using it, you will get 70 minutes per 100 minutes. Upgraded members get a 30 minute bonus. That means if they surf 100 minutes, they will get 100 minutes. You can upgrade your account to get adsense safe anonymous traffic which can surely help you make some money but remember doing this is blackhat and if adsense finds it out, your account will get banned.

Hitleap also has an affiliate program, that means you will get some commission if one of your referral upgrades. Site is simple to use and hits are allocated automatically.

Normal members get 3 website slots but premium lite gets 5 and premium gets 15. You can check more advantages of upgrading here: Premium Advantages

Where does it loose marks?
Though hitleap is  a very good autosurf, it is not perfect. You have to pay for anonymous traffic when their are free alternatives like ougos and skillerz exchange. Moreover every site needs to approved though approval process is very fast.
Overall it is a good traffic exchange. You just need to add your website and start the viewer and do your regular stuff. Rest will be managed automatically.

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