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Hello Everybody, today I am going to write a review on the largest PPD (paid to download) network, Sharecash.

What is Sharecash?

Sharecash is the Number 1 PPD network in industry with high and reliable payouts. It is a file hosting site that pays you for each download.

How much can I earn from it?

You can earn from 600$-1000$ per thousand downloads. It is better than those programs which pay you only about 10$ per 1000 downloads.

Is it legit?

This question will occur in your mind if you are new to PPD, but the truth is that almost all PPD sites have similar payouts.

How does sharecash makes money to pay us?

Sharecash use CPA content locking to lock your file and users have to complete a small survey or sign up offer to unlock the file, the advertisers who post this survey pay the CPA network, and the network pays sharecash. Sharecash then gives you some money for each download.

Why should I use sharecash if I can earn more from CPA?

Well, because sharecash is easy to use, you just have to upload file and promote it, whereas in CPA you have to use various promotion methods, select and filter offers everyday, keep traffic record etc. It is very complex and high level.

What is the minimum payout on sharecash and when can I ask for it?
You can request payment on 1st of every when you have earned at least 10$. If you reach 50$, then you can request payout on 15th also, but if you are earning a smashing 20$ per day, then there is biweekly payout program also.

What payment processors are supported?

Sharecash supports various payment processors which are listed below.

  1. Payoneer
    • Prepaid MasterCard - Minimum: $20
    • International Local Bank Transfer - Minimum: $50
  2. Payquicker
    • Minimum: $10.00
  3. Payza (AlertPay)
    • Minimum: $10.00
  4. Bank Wire Transfers
    • Domestic and International - Minimum $100.00
    • Domestic Fees: No Fee
    • International Fees: $35.00

Great I want to sign up, what will I have to do to get accepted?
Sharecash accepts you immediately as application process is automatic. All you have to do is click the banner below and fill the details.
sharecash banner

Some tips to earn from sharecash.
There are thousands of niches form chose from and thousands of ways to promote your files. I will list some of these below.

1. Forum Promoting
Forums are a great way of promoting anything. Sign up for some good forums, write some quality posts, gain reputation and start making threads. If you are good with image editing, you can giveaway cool graphics for signatures and use sharecash to lock them, then ask members to download it and use them. This method is successful because most people try to sell their graphics resulting in low sales.

2. Ebook promoting
Write an ebook on  any topic and use website, forums and youtube to promote it. Lock it with sharecash and use link shorteners lke adfly to earn even more.

3. Software promoting
Make any small tool with visual basic and use youtube to promote it. You can also promote it on

It is not tough making money from PPDs but it also not everyone's cup of tea. You need to have a perfect planning and unique method to get people to complete a survey or an offer before downloading your file. 

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