Counter Strike 1.6 Resolution and Crossair

Counter-strike or simple cs is one of the best and most addictive game I have ever played. I have been playing cs1.6 since 2007-08 and on the basis of my experience I will review some of the most common resolutions and crossair sizes used with them.

1. Resolution - 1024x768

This is a good resolution if you are a magger. This resolution in cs 1.6 gives you a wider view of the surroundings and also helps to aim better with mag (awp) as crossair is really smooth.

If you have a very old computer and want to play game on 100 FPS, I recommend using lower resolutions. 
This resolution is also not much good for assaultering.

a.) Crossair Size Large
Crossair size large with 1028x768 is good and bad. Since targets seem to be far away, you cant be very confident about getting any clear headshots, but it is good for spraying on short ranges (especially with non-silenced m4a1).

b.) Crossair Size Medium
I don't recommend this crossair with this resolution as it is similar to large but affects your spraying.

c.) Crossair Size Small
This crossair with dy set to 1 can be very harmful for your enemies. It is good for headshots and If you know how to control recoil, you can become a dominating player with this crossair.

2. Resolution - 800x600
Good resolution for you if you mag and both assault. You have a wider perspective and also larger objects to aim good. If you have a good pc, you can extract 100 fps from it.

Can run at constant 98-101 fps.

a.) Crossair Size Large
I used to play with large set to dynamic 1 in this resolution, it used to work great for short rand spraying but I soon found out that long range headshots are very difficult with it and crossair expands a lot while spraying with m4a1 silenced.

b.) Crossair Size Medium
It works good with this resolution and I recommend this crossair with dynamic set to 0 for optimum performance. 

c.) Crossair Size Small
Good for long range headshot but recoil controlling becomes difficult with ak and m4. If you get in a close combat, you may easily die because of uncontrollable recoil.

3.) Resolution - 640x480
This is my favorite resolution and it is recommended by many pros. It is not that good for magging as you have a decreased perspective. I only tried one type of crossair size with it.
I must admit that this resolution has changed my skills completely

a) Crossair Size Large
As I told you earlier that I only used large crossair size with it, I am going to write about it only.
With large crossair set to dynamic 0, you can easily spray at short ranges (with practice even on medium ranges and medium long ranges). You can easily aim for head on very long ranges. You can turn your self into a pro by practicing on this resolution with large crossair size.

At last I would like to say that each resolution has its own advantages and disadvantages. I you want to play for serious competitions  you should use low resolutions for assaulting and high resolutions for magging. But if you are just playing for fun and want good graphics, use the highest resolution supported by your computer.

Practice hard, it requires months or even years of practice to become a pro and also play fair and avoid all cheats and hacks.

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