GTA San andreas sound problem (also works for other games)

The problem I am discussing today is very common with not only only GTA but also with many other games. The fix I am going to show you for this problem is extremely simple and does not require any download. The method described below will fix problems related to no engine sound, no conversation and other sfx sounds.

Read below for solution for GTA San andreas sound problem

Follow these Steps:
Note: I am explaining the fix on windows 7 but it will work on other operating systems also.

1. Go to Control panel and click on sound icon.

2. Select your device and click on configure at the bottom.

3. Select "quadraphonic" and click next. 
Click finish at the end after confirming to apply changes.

Bingo! All your problems are now fixed and you can now enjoy your games.
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GTA San andreas sound problem (also works for other games)
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