Why my Internet Connection is Slow? - Solution

Slow internet is a killer nowadays. Today, Internet has become an important part of our lives. Slow internet connection can be frustrating and irritating. So, today I am going to tell you some ways to boost your internet speed.

Before you take any measures, gather  some information about your connection type by following the given steps.

1. See your connection type and internet plan. You can easily do this by visiting your ISP's website. You may now think "Oh Crap! I already know about all the stuff about my internet plan". But you may be wrong as your plan may have some restrictions you didn't know about.

2. On you ISP's website, check if your connection has some limits like "Speed will be decreased from 1 MB/s to 512 KB/s after using 4 GB of data" or something like that. These types of restrictions mainly come with Broadband connections.

3. Test your ping, download and upload speed at Speedtest.net and note them down to compare them with the ones that are guaranteed by your internet plan.

Now the fun and important part begins. Follow the steps given below to harness the speed you deserve for the money you are paying.

Hardware related stuff:
Before you directly jump into tweaking your internet settings, I suggest that you take a look at your hardware.

1. Check for loose connections. Make sure that your router/modem is getting enough voltage. Loose adapters can cause many problems.

2. See if there is any damage to your modem/router. Cheap modems/routers can't tolerate the heat generated from those long browsing hours.

3. If you have a broadband connection then check if all cables are connected tightly with the splitter, also make sure that your wires are not broken or badly deformed.

4. For Wifi users, make sure that your connection is not being interfered by other people's connection signals. Placing your router in different room can also help.

5. For Wireless users again, please use Ethernet cable. It may seem old fashioned but there is no harm in using it.

6. Buy a new modem/router. Some such modems/routers are available in the market which can exploit your internet plan for maximum output.

Now its time for turn your computer ON to improve your connection speeds.

1. Go to 'Run' and type '%temp%' and delete all the files present in it. if it shows any dialog box for some files then don't delete those files as they are important ones. 
Alternately, you can download Temp file Cleaner from here to do this work automatically.

2. Run antivirus scan. Most people only run a "Quick" scan to save time  but I recommend doing a full scan to eliminate any viruses that can slow down your internet. Also google "Anti Rootkit Scan utilities" and download one to do a deeper scan.

3. See what programs are interfering with your net and close the unnecessary ones. Close unused browser windows and tabs.

4. Change your browser. I switched to chrome and now all online games that I play load faster.

5. Remove unwanted extensions or programs, you can do this by going through the following steps for your browser.

For Internet Explorer: Tools>Manage Addons>Show>Download Controls

For Mozilla Firefox: Firefox>Add-ons>Extensions or Appearance

For Chrome: Type "chrome://extensions" in address bar or go directly through options

6. Use Download managers to download. Download managers like IDM (Internet Download Manager) and torrent clients give good speed without affecting much of the browsing speed.

7. Download Extensions like Adblock Plus to remove ads. Pages Containing lots of ads take a lot of time to load. Adblock Plus blocks those ads and as a result pages load faster.

8. Download TCP Optimizer from here>>
Once Downloaded, right click on it and Select "run as administrator". Use the slider to adjust bandwidth according to your plan, then check "Modify All Network Adapters" and then Check "Optimal Settings" on bottom. Click on "Apply Changes" and restart your computer.

9. Increase Cache memory of your browser.
For Mozilla: Click on Firefox>options>advanced. In offline storage section, check "Override automatic cache management" and increase value of "Limit Cache to....".

10. Defrag your disks to utilize free and unused space to organize files. It will help you to speed up your computer and internet. You can do this by going to control panel and then by navigating to "Disk Defragmenter"

After following all the tips, I assure you that you will see changes.
If you are still not satisfied, then the only option is to upgrade your internet plan to a better one. 

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